Cold War looms in NFF,. As Gusau, Fresh, Anyansi’s supporters set for showdown


Cold War looms in NFF, Gusau, Fresh, Anyansi’s supporters set for showdown

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

The last may have not been heard  on the squabbles that heralded  the election of   Ibrahim Gusau as the incumbent president of the Nigeria Football Federation. NFF.

There are clear  indications pointing to the possible outbreak of major crisis  between  major camps that contended to poach the   leadership of Nigeria’s football governing body.

The contending camps in the looming crisis are drawn from three  interest groups  namely those  for the incumbent, Ibrahim Gusau,  foot soldiers of the chairman of chairmen, Ahmed Yusuf Fresh and those  of the  Vice president of  the federation ,Felix Anyansi Agwu.

The Gusau camp have continue to ensure that those assumed to be  loyal  to  the duo opposing camps are  deprived from been assigned  prominence in assignments relating to  the running of the affairs of the  federation.

In the aftermath of the  NFF elections on 30th September, 2022 in Edo state,   NFF boss, Ibrahim Gusau is now been accused of the alleged adoption of  the winners take it all method of governance.

Our checks reveal that , sympathizers  to Ahmed Fresh and Anyansi Agwu are brewing with  dissatisfaction over how the Gusau led federation and his cohorts  have continued to shelve their principals from the centre of administrative gravity at the football house in FCT Abuja.

Though harboring  a contrast view  , members in the Gusau camp have not hidden their disdain for the role played by the once almighty Fresh and veteran football technocrat Felix Anyansi Agwu, Gusau cabal as they are fondly called have  continued to openly defend and attempt to  justify their alleged actions by saying those who did not partake in   preparing the meals could not be allowed to sit at the dinner table nor allowed to have  not even a taste or a ration of  the delicacy .

They argued that you cannot eat your cake and have it “ it is our time” . A member of the  pro Gusau camp opine.

An insider in one of the camps, who confided in our correspondent said “ it  is a matter of time, before the bubble will burst, a close look at the situation, it is very clear that the Gusau camp are not ready to heal the wounds caused by  the election in Benin.”

An impeccable source, when  contacted by our correspondent confirmed that there is a cold war  ongoing between the composers of the pre NFF election factional alignments within the federation.

The source said “ we are all aware of what is happening except we want to pretend that all is well, ever since Gusau became NFF president, Ahmed as the chairman of chairmen has been relegated to the background, Anyansi is no where near the running of affairs in the  federation, Gusau boys are now in charge.”

NFF officials  would no speak, in their official  capacity  for the  fear of reprisals, a close ally of the NFF president speaking on the  matter said “ there is no standing instruction from Gusau that anybody should be victimized, but, during the election those you are talking about did not support Gusau, they fought against our interest and it is natural that , it will take time for the wounds to heal.

“I don’t know what you expect, do you expect that after the elections, we should  just hand over the federation to them, who worked against us we need to consolidate , you can not handover your destiny to those on the divide. For now, we did not  keep Fresh and Anyansi in the cooler, like some people are thinking , Gusau is not a rookie, so do don’t be surprise if he is seen every where dominating the whole space,  he knows the terrain that is why those people you are talking about cannot outshine him, like they did to some others, in power before him.” Our  source stated.


All efforts to reach the parties to comment on the matter proved futile.

The president, Nigeria  Football Federation, NFF, Ibrahim Gusau did not respond to messages sent by our correspondent  to his known mobile phone number.

The chairman of chairmen, Ahmed Yusuf, popularly known as  Fresh likewise did not reply  to messages  sent to his known whatsapp number.











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