Kano Pillars Flaw NFF Over Match Day 27 , N7 Million Sanction. …As Security Operatives Accuse Kaduna FA of Shortchanging Logistics.



By Abdulgafar Oladimeji.

Mixed reactions have continued to the trail the NPFL Match Day 27 clash  between Kano Pillars Vs Awka United of Uyo played at Ahmadu Bello stadium, Kaduna on Sunday evening, which ended 0-0,  Kano Pillars management have dismissed the verdict as annoying, provocative and unfair.

The highly entertaining  match , which was   disrupted  by unidentified  hooligans drew the hammer of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, the federation in a verdict passed by its emergency Committee,  ordered  host  Kano Pillars to pay N7 million fine over an  alleged   violation of  crowd control regulations.

Reacting to the verdict passed by Nigeria’s football governing body, chairman Kano  Pillars fc,  Suraju Shuaibu Yahaya Jambul accused the federation of lack of fair hearing, abnormalities,   biase and unwarranted misjudgment.

According to a statement issued by Kano Pillars  spokesman, Rilwanu Idris Malikawa  Garu  said “ the chairman of our club,  received the judgement by NFF as a rude shock, we are studying the judgement.

He further said “we learnt about the judgement in the media, not formally, this is a procedural violation, then you will take a look at the sanction and you now ask, when did it became the duty of Kano Pillars for us as a football club to handle security issues.

“we adopted Kaduna as our home ground actually, we are at home in Kaduna , same time  we also  provided them with all the logistics to provide security, we did not invite anybody to the match formally or informally, we did not sell tickets, where then did we err, they always wait for us and at any slighted opportunity, they will not waste time to use a sledge hammer to kill a fly, that is what Pillars is currently suffering from in their hands.” Suraju lamented.

A  senior security officer, who spoke to our reporter incognito, said “ we can not deploy enough for  Kano Pillars matches in ABS because of lack of logistics,.

“if Kano Pillars is playing, people will be coming, from everywhere, people from Kaduna, Abuja and Kano to watch the matches,  knowing fully well that there is Covid-19 laws,  and it is usually on weekends, when you need logistics to mobilize and we have an agreement that they will provide the logistics, , but as am talking to you nothing is made available  for adequate security provision.

“what can we do, we are aware that some people have been given the money to mobilize security, they are not doing that, we as patriotic officers in charge are only  to  do our own little best by sending the men we can mobilize to the stadium, which is largely not enough , monkey no go dey work make baboon dey chop.” Officer said.

When contacted, chairman security committee., Muhammad Aminu China  commenting on the matter, he simply said “ since Pillars came to Kaduna, I just come and go like any other official from Kano, I know nothing about security arrangements.”

Earlier, Kano Pillars in a  press statement issued by the spokesman of the club, Rilwanu Idris Malikawa had called on Kaduna FA to adopt more stringent security measures to address the issue of illegal entry routes used by uninvited persons to access  Ahmadu Bello stadium football arena.

Our checks revealed that, a gang of stakeholders from Kano Pillars, Kaduna FA and LMC have continually exploited the Kano Pillars home matches played  in Kaduna to eke a living through the sales of illicit tickets culminating to the  invasion of  the Kano Pillars home matches.

A source said “ in this whole thing, nobody is a saint, they all knew what has been transpiring, now its has back fired, they are all transferring blames, may God save Nigeria football.”


“before the Akwa match, the issue of crowd was raised at the pre match meeting, it was realized that Akwa United also  travelled to Kaduna with more than the stipulated number as directed by the league regulators, after discussing extensively at the pre match meeting , they all  , including the match commissioner and referees   agreed that they should all be allowed entry into the stadium, some people also now decide to seize the opportunity to do business, by selling tickets, so in this case, who is a  saint , punishing Kano pillars alone is injustice, simple,

“ this has been happening for long, not only in Kaduna also in other venues, if you  want to address the problem, investigate and fish out the culprits and punish all of them,  we are aware of happenings in all the NPFL  league centres. NFF and LMC should stop acting the Animal Farm kind of script , where all animals are equals, some are more equal than the others.”



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