LMC must regulate NPFL   players transfer system to restore  the lost  glory of the  league, says former Ranchers Bees strongman, Ali Nayara




By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Former Ranchers Bees of Kaduna strongman, Ali Nayara has said that the  deterioration that befell   Nigeria Professional league could be addressed, adding  that the anti dote to the problem is in  the pegging of the number  of  players in the league can spend be  transferring to another club.

Nayara who spoke with sports writers in Kano, during the Veterans cup North West zonal qualifiers, played at Sani Abacha  stadium said ” the uncontrolled movement of players in the league is largely responsible for the failure  that has continued to greet the league .

He said “ the longer our players stay with their clubs the better it will be for the league, if they spend a good number of years with a particular club, technically the teams will become cohesive and they will play good football.

“the longer commitment made to the clubs, the closer the relationship between the players and the fans, which will then surely   deepen.

“but in a situation like we have currently,   where the players are hardly known to the fans, there is a disconnection and once that required connection between the home fans and even the away  fans is missing, that means for  sure things will continue to go wrong.

“the home fans should know the player very well, and relate with their players and even when teams travel away, the host fans ordinarily should know a lot about their visitors,what to expect and the players to respect, and even know much about the players they  want to see play against their home side,  this is the fun that has been taken away from the league.” Ali Nayara noted.


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