Nigeria @61:  our  sports heroes   are dying  from neglect  Gidi cries out


Picture: Gidi

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji


As Nigeria celebrates its 61 years independence anniversary,   veteran sportsman  Muhammad  Gidi has expressed his dismay over the  neglect and maltreatment been meted out to veteran sports men and women, who  had represented the country at various  levels .

Gidi as he is fondly called by his admirers, is  amongst  athletes that featured during   the first edition of the  National Sports Festival , NSF   staged in 1973 in  Lagos .

He Stated that  Nigeria has neglected its responsibility towards veteran sports men and women, who in their youth age  had made national sacrifices that   made the country proud.

In an exclusive interview with the soft spoken septuagenarian said  “ Nigeria disappointed me, especially the way they treat we the old players, instead of to getting  us involved in the system, they have shunned us all completely.

“majority of us, who served Nigeria are stranded, we the old players are stranded, today nobodyy knows us because nobody is talking about us, except for journalists, who speak to us once in a while.

“between 1960 and now I must confess that the administration of sports in Nigeria has continued to go down, I am talking about the  organization of sports , the way it is been organized now and then, now the organization level has gone down..”

Gidi urged the federal, states and local government authorities  to  salvage sports from its present state of  organizational decay




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