NLO Dismiss Alleged Unpaid Prize Money Claim By Club Owner , Says Amateur League Has No Prize Money


By Abdulgafar Oladimeji.

The governing body of Nigeria’s  Nationwide League One, NLO  has dismissed the claims that the organizers of the league have failed to redeem the alleged prize money to winners I of ts promotion ticket  for two years running.

The head of communications, NLO, Francis Achi described the claimed failure to redeem prize money attributed to undisclosed sources  as mischievous and misrepresentation of facts, on the part pf those behind the claim. .

Ach said  “There is nothing  like prize money in Nationwide  League One, NLO.

“The league is an amateur  league and under FIFA statues there is no prize money  attached to amateur football anywhere in the world.

“So the issue of NLO clubs not being paid prize money for two years running does not hold any substance of truth

.”However there is  nothing wrong, if an NLO team win promotion to NNL for instance and the state government ,where the team is located decides to give the team a financial token for the feat achieved , that can not be described as prize money given to NLO






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