RE: N55 million shirt sponsorship deal tears Kano Pillars FC  apart, board members query club chairman


RE: N55 million shirt sponsorship deal tears Kano Pillars FC  apart, board members query club chairman

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji.

Kano Pillars football; club chairman, Babangida Umar a.k.a  has issued a press release in reaction to the story published by with the title “N55 million shirt sponsorship deal tears Kano Pillars FC  apart, board members query club chairman”

The viral statement  attributed to  the club chairman  does not deserve our precious time and pen,  for the following reason,  the club boss erred by issuing a statement  rather than issue a rejoinder, herein   he goofed.

The press release was not signed by himself  nor either of his media aides with their  names appended to the press release in compliance with editorial mandate for an attribution, when such statements are issued.

However, since the statement has gone viral on the internet, we deem it  imperative  to act appropriately, because the internet does not forget.

Babangida ‘s reply to our  story   said  “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . Date: October 13, 2023. Kano Pillars Football Club Addresses Recent Reports” this in our editorial judgment  is an affront and assault on  the truth, which is the bedrock of public office, which he occupies.

Babangida Umar Little said “unequivocally states that these reports are unfounded.” But went further to say. “ Chairman Alhaji Babangida Umar assures the public that there has been no dispute among the board members concerning the fifty-five-million-Naira shirt sponsorship deal.

The above statement attributed to the club chairman confirms our story that there was a indeed a N55 million shirt deal, he however failed to clarify or pretend over our report, that one Sani Ibrahim wrote a petition against him concerning the issue or not.

The club honcho in his statement had failed to explain,  why the board members are asking for an explanation on how much was spent on the NNL trip to Asaba, Delta state?.

Why did his board  members accuse him of  their alleged been sidelined by working with  members of staff of the Kano state  sports Commission.KSSC.

Other question begging for answer is Why is he been accused to have   undertaking the  arbitrary decision to  relocate  the club secretariat from Sani Abacha stadium to KSSC office?

It is common knowledge at all sports rendezvous in Kano that KPFC board  Members are asking the club chairman  for clarification on the expenditures bordering on the club trip to Akure to honour NPL MD 1 in Akure, Ondo state. This release has rather than clarify issues is  travelling  the path of ridicule.

How candid is Babangida in his statement, that they are all in unison , even when some  board members are  threatening him with impeachment moves, which is unheard in the history of the club.

Babangida has failed to provide  counter narratives on how, when and where he engaged the board members before proceeding to take major decision,  which has sparked off the widely known crisis that is brewing in the club.

The club chairman  said “ the marketing department is in discussions with various private organizations regarding potential partnership and sponsorship agreements. In the event that these discussions lead to agreements, the public will be duly informed.

If like stated above the chairman has confirmed there was a shirt deal, sealed and unsealed , why  did it took him this long to make it public, until our story was published, which is part of our duties anyway,  Kano Pillars is owned by Kano state government, therefore the club is owned by the people of Kano, not  Alhaji Babangida and his clique and could be placed under the lens of the media.

In the statement , Alhaji Babangida Umar  said he “ acknowledges the vital role that journalists play as partners in progress. “ if this is true why did Muhammad Wasilu Kawo , A A Chiko and Tijjani Shehu  the trio critical media practitioners resign from his media committee, few weeks after they were  set up by the club boss.

The trio in their resignation messages made public through the personal social media handles had accused the club chairman  of dictatorship, favoritism and discrimination.

Further, if truly Babangida is conversant with how sacrosanct the media is in the business of football, why is he having running battles with some media practitioners(name withheld ) that had  rendered some media services to the club at some pointing time before he was appointed the club chairman.

If Babangida is  fraternal with the media and its potentials in a big club like Kano Pillars, why is that the club  cannot boast of the simplest social media handles, today Kano Pillars media properties is the most abused in the world, anyone can sit in his bedroom and a create a Kano Pillars social media property   on the cyber space.

Further questions begging for answers is, why is Kano Pillars under your watch parading the least of modern media gadgets

He also said “He encourages them to be bridge builders rather than destroyers and pledges to remain accessible for clarification on any team-related matters.” This is amazing, when did being  held accountable , for occupying public office amounts to been destructive, typical of a assumed  tyrant in words .

That the clarification  statement issued by the club chairman was shared on social media spaces by his media aide, but was not signed by either of  them  by appending their names to it, is simply a clear indicator that they are not with you on the fallacious, ungodly, reprehensible, ex communicated  statement you issued, we so hold.

Babangida said Several board members expressed dismay with the recent write-up, characterizing it as an attempt to sow confusion within the team. “ We challenge you to mention their names, as journalists some of them have taken us into confidence disassociating themselves from this statement.

As a reputable media organization under the management of seasoned sports journalists, we make bold to say our responsibility  is to exposed  issues that may mar development,

Babangida, we presume  is used to PR and does not have the skin to accommodate fact based journalism and is yet to wake up to the reality of been  engaged with facts, as against  the banal atmosphere of yeo and man Friday style of  journalism.

Kano Pillars  fc is the darling club of the people of Kano and northern Nigeria at large , no true Kano son or daughter or distant, supporter, fan and follower of Sai Masu Gida will fold their hands akimbo and see the team go back to the dark season that invoked so much pain on their cheeks .

The club chairman  should tap from the wide experience of sports journalist around him and also be wise to shun sycophants parading themselves as his unofficial  media consultants.

In his closing remarks, Babangida said “They urge all stakeholders to come together to ensure the sustained success that the club is currently experiencing in the 2023/2024 Nigeria Premier Football League season and discourage any actions that could hinder progress. KPFC Media.”



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