Sports World marks  April 14th Play True Day 2023:  As WADA invest $83 million on War Against Sports Doping 


Sports World marks  April 14th Play True Day 2023:  As WADA invest $83 million on War Against Sports doping

rts DopingBy Abdulgafar Oladimeji

World Anti Doping Agency, WADA has  expended  over $83 million on the improvement of  advanced drug-testing capabilities.

Our correspondent reports that the body marks 14th April as Play  True Day.

The body said “ Since 2011, WADA has put in $83 million in more advanced drug-testing capabilities and $3.6 million on research to prevent doping since 2005.

Adding that “Since 2014, in April of every year, the anti-doping community worldwide comes together to celebrate Play True Day – a day that is dedicated to Clean Sport and raising awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others of the importance of preventing doping.





It would be recalled that the issue of dpoing gained prominence, when  “Knut Enemark Jensen, the  Danish cyclist died in the 100km team time trial competition at the Summer Olympics in Rome on August 26, 1960. The initial cause of death was put down to high temperatures; however, his autopsy later showed signs of Ronicol, an amphetamine, in his system.

“The death of Tommy Simpson prompted the IOC to take action against doping.

“Even though drugs were implicated in Jensen’s death, doping was never proven. However, when British cyclist Tommy Simpson died during the 1967 Tour de France because of excessive doping, the IOC was forced to tackle the issue.

“The IOC formed the Medical Commission to establish medical testing for the Olympic Games and to study the issue of anti-doping controls. IOC stated


WADA said “ After the 1998 doping incident, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established as an international independent agency to “promote, coordinate, and monitor the fight against drugs in sports.”

“The Prohibited List was curated, including substances and methods that have the potential to improve or enhance performance, pose an actual or potential health risk to the athlete, or breach the spirit of sport.” WADA added


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