SWAN Kano Inter Media Cup:  Radio Kano protest 3-1  loss against Jalla radio, over the alleged  importation  of mercenaries




By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Radio Kano, Saturday   filed a protest against the 3-1 defeat  they suffered in their opener against Jalla radio in this year’s edition of SWAN Kano inter media football  competition.

Our correspondent reports that the Bello Dandago House Boys  have  accused their opponent  of securing the services of good legs from a football community in the metropolis  named Brigade  quarters.

The team manager, Radio Kano,  Abdullahi Musa Hunguma said though they are satisfied with the outcome of their 3-1 loss to Jalla , they are protesting the violation of the bye laws governing the competition. By their last opponent.

Hunguma said 95 percent of the players  paraded by our players are mercenaries, we know most of them they are from a club in brigade quarters.

“we loss, but we will challenge the morality of their  victory against us, this is suppose to be a game for media people and not a win at all cost affair, the act by our opponent strongly defeat the essence and motive behind the spirit of the competition.”

Our correspondent reports that, Radio Kano has filed a formal complaint to the Local  Organizing Committee, LOC led by Abubakar Shehu Kwaru, adding that the required protest fee has been paid  in the quest to seek for redress by the embittered side.




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